Bringing brands
to life
in the
built world.

UNIO is a creative studio focusing on commercial interiors.

We specialise in delivering custom projects through strategic brand research,
modern human-centred design and continuous post-launch improvement
using the latest in data analytics.


Our process


Customer Experience & Concept

The first stage of a great concept is a focus on customer experience.

We start by asking 'how do we want our customers to interact with this space' and, more importantly, 'how do we want them to feel'.

From here, we're able to drill down from the philosophy and mission to the concept details from branding and positioning, down to the color scheme and menu theme.

Human-Centred Design

Interior & Product

With a clear direction, the design can deliver its full potential.

Our focus on customer experience plays out in every decision, from furniture and fitting selection to acoustic choices and development of client flow.

From the functional (eg elegant air purification solutions) to the aesthetic (eg custom tableware), we manage the process from concept to prototype to execution.

Ongoing Analytics

Measurement & Insight

The launch of a new project is just the beginning.

We start with measurement: movement sensors, digital sales recording, even discreet video analytics to record customer sentiment in real-time.

Next comes analysis: the data we collect is expertly crunched and we provide real insight, designed to inform positive action.

We are a team of international experts in branding,
visual design, interior & architecture design,
customer experience measurement, and project financing.

Together we are UNIO
a studio dedicated to bringing brands to life in the built world.

We are located in front of the Adriatic Sea, Italy

Via Don Minzoni 71
47841 Cattolica (Rimini)